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Poker also teaches you a good lesson about risk management. The best poker players in the world are the ones that manage their risk; you’ll see them folding two pair if they think their beat.

It is more difficult to estimate probabilities in trading. You must understand trends and identify trends correctly; you must understand movements of the market. And you do not have any numbers. You can not say that you have for example 56% to win money in current trade. Moreover each trader estimates the market differently. One trader can say that current market is good but other trader can say that the same market in the same time is bad for him. And both can be right because they can have different trading strategies.

Myth 4. “You have to bluff to win at poker”. Bluffing is fun and a part of poker strategy, when used correctly. However it can turn out to be dangerous and costly when used in the wrong circumstances and wrong opponents. Bluff against a “calling station” and you are in big trouble. Bluff against too many people ditto. Don't even try to bluff against more than two players. And if you are caught bluffing too many times you can expect more calls from your opponents.

First things first, let's cover some information on the actual company. Poker Training Network, or PTN, is a brand-new company that sells poker training and education products through a direct sales business model. The company is headquartered in Addison, TX and has distributors all across the country. While there's not much information and details found on the website about the company itself, there is plenty of information on members of the company's management team. And, while having a good management team in place doesn't guarantee a company's long-term success, it does increase the probability that the company will be able to grow and expand. The corporate team members seem to have a lot of experience and documentation. Many members have years and years of experience in direct sales, traditional business and some have even worked with other direct sales companies. For instance, Jeff Branch, PTN's Director Of Finance, co-owned a network marketing company, and Connie Summit, PTN's Director of Communications, worked extensively with AmeriplanUSA and Worldventures in the past. All in all, the company looks to be in the hands of some very capable people.